Degrees & Certificates

Associate Degrees

Associate degrees are designed for students who may or may not be planning to transfer to a four-year institution. These degrees provide students the necessary skills to compete successfully in a culturally diverse and global job market.

Please see the certificate listing to view Coastline's available certificates.


Associate of Arts

Associate of Science

Students completing an Associate Degree must also complete general education requirements.  There are three different general education pattern options from which to choose.  Please make a counseling appointment in order to discuss which general education pattern to choose based on your overall educational and career goals.



Certificates of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement prepares the student to enter the career designated on the certificate. Certificates of Achievement have 18 or more units.

Certificates of Accomplishment

Certificate of Accomplishment prepares the student to enter the career designated on the certificate. Certificates of Accomplishment have 12 or more units.

Certificates of Specialization

Certificate of Specialization prepares the student to meet specific occupational needs, upgrade skills, or for advancement in an existing career. Certificates of Specialization have 11.5 or fewer units.


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