MyCoast is the portal system that connects students to the Corporate Program Website, Online Class Schedule, Registration*, Transcripts, Grades, and Announcements, as well as many other helpful features.

*Online registration is available for Coastline's Online Program for employees of Kaiser Permanente or other approved corporate partners during the regular registration window.


  1. Go to the MyCCC login page: MyCCC
  2. Enter the user name from the Coastline Community College Acceptance Letter.
  3. Enter the temporary password = Upper case first letter of your first name, lower case first letter of your last name, 6 digit date of birth, followed by CCCD. For example: John Smith, born March 28, 1998. The password would be Js032898CCCD  
  4. Students will be asked to create a unique password. Follow the instructions under "password rules" to create the new password.

Students should have a Coastline Military & Contract Ed Home page after logging into MyCCC. If this page is not present, the student should contact the Corporate Programs Enrollment Services office at (714) 241-6131.

Students who previously established an alternate email in MyCCC can Reset their own password online and gain immediate access.

To access the course website, go to the My Classes pages in MyCCC and select 'Canvas'.

Students can also access the course website via Canvas

My Schedule and Fees for a particular term shows :

  • The courses for which a student has registered
  • The courses that have been dropped after the course start date
  • Registration charges incurred and payments made to account for that term

Students occasionally experience difficulty using some features in MyCCC while on a company-sponsored computer. These difficulties may include problems accessing online registration and course websites. Many network ports are blocked by company firewall systems for security purposes and the pages do not display properly. When students experience this issue, they are advised to use a personal computer for their intended task.

For students who encounter technical difficulties with registering through MyCCC, an alternate registration method may be available by contacting or (714) 241-6131.