Student Success Center

Coastline's Student Success & Resource Center offers learning assistance across the curriculum and access to learning resources. Please visit the Student Success & Resource Center webpage for hours, locations, contact information, and access to FREE online tutoring through the self-enrollment Canvas shell for the Student Success & Resource Center.

Contact Information:

E-mail: Success@Coastline.edu

Phone: 714.714.7277


More Tutoring Options for our Students!
Online tutoring provided by NetTutor and Smarthinking are also available in many Canvas course pages. Look for the "Online Tutoring" link in your Canvas page. You may also access it on the Success Center Website .  You may contact the Student Success Center at success@coastline.edu for additional assistance. Please contact this office through the email account assigned to you as a student.

NetTutor and Smarthinking provide tutoring in a wide range of subject areas. There are live and delayed tutors available for practically every subject. Once you click on "Online Tutoring" in your Canvas course page, you will be directed to a menu of subject choices. From there, you can arrange to meet with a live tutor or submit a question or a paper for review. Turn-around time is generally within 24 hours.

College Readiness Program
Coastline offers a free online, self-paced College Readiness Program for students wanting to refresh or build their math (from basic mathematics to trigonometry) and English skills (includes reading and writing). 

The program will help you assess your current skills, then builds a personalized study path to help you review, build, and gain confidence in your skills. 

For more information, please visit http://www.coastline.edu/students/college-ready or email CollegeReady@Coastline.edu.

Student Resource Hub

Please visit the Student Resource Hub for information about a wide range of resources and support.