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Coastline has established unique partnerships with prominent, accredited 4-year universities. Through these partnerships, Learning 1st students benefit from a rigorous, yet flexible, college experience complete with personalized academic guidance, student support services, and a myriad of online resources.

Students select a degree major and meet with academic counselors to ensure all future coursework fulfills the transfer/program requirements. The personalized academic road map, based on each student's major and prior academic coursework, keeps student's focused while providing a direct path to completion and graduation-with an associate degree and a bachelor's degree!

Learning 1st is now available to BHMT participants with an educational goal in either Human Services or Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management; BHMT member benefits apply toward tuition at both Coastline and Troy. Eligible employees wishing to pursue other Learning 1st pathways may use their KP Tuition Reimbursement benefits.

Coastline's goal is to assist students in completing both an Associate and a Bachelor's Degree in significantly less time, at a lower cost, and while reducing the frustrations often associated with transfer! Here are just some of the benefits of the Learning 1st program:

  • Complete both degrees online
  • Enroll as a full time or part time student
  • Guided pathway to specific major
  • Upon transfer, students receive a fixed and/or discounted tuition rate from the Learning 1st Partner University
  • Program applications are "FREE"
  • Flexibility to schedule your instructional time (class and study) around your family and life responsibilities
  • Access to online resources, student services, and libraries at both institutions
  • Use financial aid, if eligible, at Coastline and at your 4-year transfer school

The Learning 1st Program is a collaborative partnership among four nationally recognized, regionally accredited institutions and Coastline to delivery affordable, online four-year baccalaureate degrees.

Coastline has partnered with Kaiser BHMT and Troy University to bring Learning 1st to its BMHT students. The principle areas of focus are currently Human Services and Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

Earn an A.A. in Human Services and transfer directly into:

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Global Business with a concentration in: Human Resource Management

Students wishing to pursue another Learning 1st pathway may apply for the BHMT Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to use KP Tuition Reimbursement benefit when they transfer to one of the partners below:

A.S. in Computer Networking at Coastline and:

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

AA and Bachelor in Business Administration with a Minor in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Information Management

A.A. in Psychology and transfer directly into:

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in:
    • Business
    • Life Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

New BHMT Students

  1. Meet with your BHMT Career Counselor to determine eligibility, create a career plan, and receive a referral to an InsideTrack Success Coach. The Success Coach will sign your eligibility form
  2. Submit the eligibility form to CorporateReg@Coastline.edu or fax it to 714-241-6270. (Please note: this form must be completed before you can enroll in your first course)
  3. Apply to Coastline
    • Individuals can apply online anytime. There are no fees to apply.
    • Select "Military or Corporate Education Programs" from the "Special Programs" box located on the Supplemental Questions page (page 9) of the online application to ensure that the application is forwarded to the Military and Contract Education Department.
    • Please allow 3-5 business days for application processing.
  4. Register in a Coastline course
  5. Submit official college transcripts from every college attended, if applicable
  6. Fill out the online Academic Plan Request Form.
    • Upon selecting a major that aligns with a Learning 1st pathway, answer "yes" to express interest in obtaining the 100% online associate to bachelor
  7. The Learning 1st team will contact you and prepare your Learning 1st Academic plan.

Existing BHMT Students

  1. Students that have already obtained a Coastline Academic Plan Request may email Learning1st@coastline.edu or call 714-241-6326 to sign up for this program.

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