Learning Preparation

New to Online Learning?

Start your college experience, prepare to transfer or complete your degree with Coastline! Coastline's 8-week online courses do not have the constraints of "scheduled" meetings, making them ideal for adults balancing life and career goals. Coursework can be completed anytime...anywhere, but requires commitment, planning, and discipline.

To better understand how to prepare yourself for success in an online class, we suggest you review our online orientation modules.

Want to learn more about being a successful distance learning student? Enroll in EDUC C108: How to Succeed in Distance Learning (Class Schedule).

(1) Introduction to Online Learning
(2) Getting Tech Ready
(3) Organizing for Online Success
(4) Online Study Skills and Managing Time
(5) Communication Skills for Online Learning
(6) Online Reading Strategies

(Each module averages 12 minutes.)