Unofficial Evaluations

If you have not enrolled with Coastline before and need assistance determining how your prior coursework and military training and experience will fit into a Coastline degree, you can receive a free unofficial evaluation.

Request an Unofficial Degree Plan- Military Students

You can receive your unofficial degree plan by emailing the following:

Your unofficial evaluation will be created by a Military Student Advisor whom will assist you with questions you may have about becoming a Coastline student.

Request an Unofficial Degree Plan-Dependent or Spouse

You can receive your unofficial degree plan by emailing the following:

Please Note:

The unofficial evaluation is subject to change upon receipt of official transcripts and review by an authorized counselor. Students must schedule a counseling appointment in order to obtain an Official Education Plans once the student enrolls in courses at Coastline and submit official transcripts.  Unofficial Evaluations are valid for six months.