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If you plan to use Military Tuition Assistance (TA) to pay for your course, please complete the Intent to Use Tuition Assistance Form in order to be excluded from the drop for non-payment process. You have until the week prior to the start of your course to submit the TA Authorization to


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If you are on a course waitlist, please visit the Waitlist Information page.

If you received an "Add Code" for a course, please use the Add Code Instructions.


Q&A for the New Scheduling Pattern that takes effect in Fall 2022

Q: The class that I was planning to take is only being offered for 16 weeks in the Fall, what do I do?
A: Please consider registering for the 16-week option for the course.  We will be adding more 8-week sections in upcoming semesters.


Q: Will there still be a session A and a session B? 
A: We will no longer have separate A and B sessions.  The courses offered during the “First 8-weeks” match the former “session A” timeframe.  The courses offered during the “Second Half Term” match the former “session B” timeframe. You can register for the “Second Half Term” at the same time as you register for the “First 8-week” classes.


Q: Do I still need to select the “Military Programs” on the Application Supplemental page?
A: Yes, students will still need to select that option on the application in order to declare their desire to participate in the Military Program.


Q: Am I limited to the academic programs on the list, or may I choose from any Coastline degree or certificate
A: Our list of academic programs reflects those that can be completed via courses offered in an accelerated format (8-week or 12-week classes). 


Q: How do I know when I can start registering for classes?
A: Please look at the Academic Calendar for the registration start date.    


Q: How do I know when my courses start?
A: After you have registered, you can download a copy of your schedule by using the instructions below

Q: What do courses that are labeled "Liveonline" mean?

A: These courses are synchronous, so they meet at specific dates and times.  Please look at the meeting times and only register in the course if you are available during the dates and times the course meets.


Q: What should I do if I am on a waitlist for a course?

A: If you are on a course waitlist, make sure to check your email twice a day to see check if a Waitlist Notification has been sent to you.  It will contain instructions about how to register for the course.  You must register within 24 hours of receiving the Waitlist Notification.  Please visit the Waitlist Information page for additional information.


Q: When will I be able to access my course in Canvas?

A:  Courses will be available on the first scheduled date of the course. In the past, students have been able to access the course syllabus prior to the course start date.  This will no longer be available.