Online Learning Preparation Modules

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01-Introduction to Online Learning

Here we will introduce you to the world of online learning: we will show you how it works, debunk a few common misconceptions about online learning environments, and explore some differences you will encounter when taking courses online rather than in a traditional classroom.

02-Getting Tech Ready

Understanding what these skills are up front will make things much easier for you as a student, which is why we've created this module. After completing it, you'll have an idea of what your online instructor might need you to know.

03-Organizing for Online Success

It's important to get organized. In this module, we'll talk about how to: organize your physical study space, organize your course materials, and develop a scheduling system that will help you turn all of your coursework in on time.

04-Online Study Skills and Managing Time

We've created this module on study skills and time management to help you identify your tendencies and habits, and provide you with strategies for improvement.

05-Communication Skills for Online Learning

Good communication skills are essential in your online course. There are many different ways you'll communicate with your instructor and other students in your class, so we've created this module to introduce you to common terms you'll need to know and familiarize you with some concepts that we hope will lead you to success in your class.

06-Online Reading Strategies

In an online educational environment, you're probably going to do more reading than listening. You may do some of your reading in printed form—say, an assigned novel or textbook—but some of it might also be online in the form of a webpage. Reading online isn't the same as reading in print, so you should practice some strategies that will improve your online reading comprehension and speed. And some of the tactics you learn about here will help you with any kind of reading you might do, not just the stuff that's online.

(Each module averages 12 minutes.)