MyCCC Assistance


MyCCC is the portal system that connects students to Coastline's Extended Learning Division websites, online class schedule, registration, transcripts, grades, and announcements, as well as many other helpful features.

Logging in to MyCCC

  1. Go to the MyCCC login page.
  2. Enter the username from your Coastline College Acceptance Letter.
  3. Enter the temporary password provided to you, which is constructed using:
    • Uppercase first letter of first name, lowercase first letter of last name, and 6-digit format date of birth, followed by CCCD.
    • Example: John Smith, born March 28, 1998 would be provided the following temporary password based on his personal information: Js032898CCCD.
  4. You will be asked to create a unique password, and you must follow the instructions under "password rules" to create your unique new password.
  5. You should be on the Coastline Military & Contract Ed home page after logging into MyCCC. If this page is not present, please call the ELD Admissions Office at 866.422.2645, for assistance.

Password Reset

If you previously established an alternate email in MyCCC, you can Reset your own password online and gain immediate access.

Accessing Class Websites

Schedule & Fees

The Schedule and Fees area within MyCCC will show session details, such as:

MyCCC Navigation Problems

Some students will experience trouble using features in MyCCC while on a government-issued or corporate-owned computer. These difficulties may include problems accessing online registration and course websites. Many network ports are blocked by government and corporate firewall systems for security purposes and the pages do not display properly. When students experience these types of issues, they are advised to use a home or personal computer for the intended task.

Alternate Registration