Spouse Fee and Tuition

The tuition rate is $210 per unit. The Military Spouses Program is available to dependent spouses and dependent family members of active duty service members, veterans, and reservists. To qualify students must be 18 years old or have earned a GED or High School Diploma.

Please visit the MyCAA Official Home Page for:

To secure a document to submit to MyCAA Financial Assistance to fulfill eligibility requirements, please email ELDCounseling@Coastline.edu.

Please review the MyCAA FAQs provided by the DOD, for more program information.


Students that live in the following states and districts cannot take Coastline courses: Arkansas, Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington DC

Military Spouse Career Advancement(MyCAA)

Creating a MyCAA account for first-time MyCAA participants

  1. Set up a Profile on MyCAA
  2. Review and digitally sign (by entering your user name and password) the MyCAA online Statement of Understanding (SOU) Terms and Conditions.
  3. Create an "Education and Training Plan" in your MyCAA account.
    1. Designate your intent to attend Coastline College.
    2. Submit a major-specific Degree Roadmap to MyCAA to demonstrate which classes you will take as part of your Education and Training Plan
    3. Contact the counseling department by emailing counselingdept@coastline.edu or by calling 714.241.6162 to schedule an appointment to have a degree plan prepared.  Please include your name, student ID, program or military status, Branch of Service, major, as well as the days and times that work best for you.
  4. Register at Coastline by following the "Steps to Register".
  5. Military One Source will notify you once your Education and Training Plan has been reviewed. When your plan is approved, you may apply for FA for specific courses 15-60 days prior to the course start date.

Applying for Financial Assistance (FA)

  1. Apply for Financial Assistance through MyCAA each session. FA Approvals are course-specific and session-specific.
  2. Students are not able to apply for Financial Assistance until 60 days prior to the start of your courses.
  3. Obtain a copy of your Financial Assistance Approval by selecting the "Print FA" button next to the courses for which you have registered
  4. Forward a copy to Coastline prior to the close of registration. This is the spouse's responsibility each term. FA is paid directly to Coastline.


Who is eligible for a MyCAA Account?

Spouses married to an active duty or activated Reserve Component (Guard or Reserve) Service member (e.g., your Military Sponsor) in pay grades E1 - E5, W1 - W2, and O1 - O2 in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, or Navy are eligible to participate in MyCAA. If you have questions concerning your new or continued eligibility for the MyCAA program, please contact a Military OneSource Career/Education Consultant at 800.342.9647.

How is MyCAA eligibility verified?

MyCAA will determine eligibility by pay grade within the DEERs system. If your sponsor has not registered you in DEERS or your personal information in DEERS is out-of-date, please contact DEERS at Toll-free: 800.538.9552; TTY/TTD: 866.363.2883. If you need assistance, contact your Military OneSource Career/Education Consultant 800.342.9647.

My spouse and I are both members of the armed forces, am I still eligible for MyCAA?

No, the MyCAA legislation specifically excludes spouses who are members of the armed forces. You are not eligible if you are active duty, Guard, Reserve or Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR).

Am I eligible for MyCAA Financial Assistance if I currently have a job?

Yes, if you need a license, certification, credential, education, or training in order to seek or maintain employment or move up your career ladder, you are eligible for MyCAA Financial Assistance.

If I add classes to MyCAA Career Plan, am I automatically enrolled in classes at Coastline?

No, you still have to apply and register for the courses at Coastline.

If I submitted a Financial Assistance Approval for a prior session, do I need to submit a new approval for the upcoming session?

Yes, Financial Assistance Approvals are course-specific and session-specific. You will need to apply for Financial Assistance (FA) each term that you register for courses. The FA must be forwarded to Coastline by the registration/payment deadlines.

If I finish my Career Plan and then relocate, can I continue MyCAA?

Yes, as long as you have not used the entire $4,000 and have not exhausted your fiscal year cap, you may continue to use MyCAA Financial Assistance.

What costs are not covered by MyCAA Financial Assistance?

Financial Assistance does NOT include the following: separate payments for books, supplies, or equipment (e.g., costs not directly incorporated into the billing for the block of study); computers; graduation fees; child care, student activity cards; application fees; transportation; parking; or medical services testing fees.

last updated 1-14-20