At Coastline College, an Official Education Plan charts a clear, direct path to help students reach their goal of obtaining a degree or certificate. When students enroll in their final class(es), they are ready to apply for graduation! Associate Degrees and Certificates are not automatically awarded upon completion of a student's final class. Students must apply for graduation when they are enrolled in their final class(es).

Apply for Graduation

Applying for Graduation

The Academic Calendar lists the fall, spring, and summer graduation filing periods. If you need additional information or assistance, call 866.422.2645, or send our graduation team an email,

Please note that Graduation Application cannot be accepted after the filing period closes.

Graduation Requirements

Coastline requires students to:

Apply for Graduation


Coastline College's 2021 virtual Commencement Ceremony will be held on Friday, June 4, 2021, at 4:00 p.m.(PST). Up to date detailed information for graduates and their guests can be found on our commencement page

Throughout the year, Coastline College's Extended Learning Division participates in numerous graduation events held on military installations across the country. Students are requested to let our Graduation Department know if they will be participating in a ceremony held on base.

If you need additional information or assistance, email or call the Extended Learning Division's Graduation Department, 866-422-2645.

Additional Associate Degrees

Students who already possess an Associate degree may be awarded an additional degree upon completion of the following:

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