Top 5 Highlights

  • Online clubs or associations for military service members or veterans
  • Dedicated social space for gathering reserved specifically for military service members and veterans
  • Full-time veteran counselors or advisors on staff
  • Offers accelerated courses 8 weeks course completion time
  • Career Center, Tutoring Services and an Online Library to ensure student success.

If you are in the Orange County area, you are welcome to visit one of our campus Student Success Centers for face-to-face tutoring. Go to the web page for Coastline's Student Success Center for hours and information.

In addition to Coastline's Student Success Center, students may also access Smart-Thinking Program and Tutoring.com (for military) for free online tutoring.

Tutoring is available at no cost to service members through a DoD Voluntary Education Pilot Program at Tutor.com/military.

Visit the Tutoring and College Success page for more information

Associates Degrees and Certificates are not automatically awarded upon completion of requirements. It is the student's responsibility to submit the online Graduation Application during the graduation filing period for the semester in which they are enrolled in their final course(s).

Visit the graduation page for more information

DegreeWorks is a dynamic system so it updates your degree audit automatically when you register for a new course, so you will always know what requirements you have fulfilled and the requirement that are still needed.

If you are registered in at least one Coastline course and have not yet received an Official Education Plan, please visit our Degree Planning page for directions on how to request one. To have additional transfer coursework applied to your record, please submit the Degree Progress Update/Major Change Form.

Visit the Degree Works page for more information

Students access their college-issued email by logging into their MyCCC account and selecting the "Gmail Account" link beneath the Gmail logo. First time users and individuals encountering difficulties accessing MyCCC can obtain additional assistance.

Students can access their grades from the MyCCC portal. Grades are posted approximately four to six weeks following the end of the course. Students will receive a personal announcement on their MyCCC Military/Corporate Home tab informing them that a grade has been posted.

Coastline reports grades to the respective military agencies. Upon graduation from Coastline, students are encouraged to order an official Coastline transcript for their respective military educational offices. (Pensacola for Navy, GoArmyEd portal for Soldiers, etc.)

The mission of the Coastline College Library is to provide training, support, and resources for Coastline students and employees to enable them to find and evaluate information effectively.

Please visit the Online Library Pagefor more information

Textbooks and materials for your course can be found on the Course Materials List and at the MBS Bookstore. If you have any questions, or need assistance finding the correct text for a course, please contact our staff. You are welcome to call us 866.422.2645 ext. 16296 or—even better—email MilitaryTextbooks@Coastline.edu for a quick and helpful response.

Please visit the Textbooks and Course Materials Page for more information.

Official Education Plans are prepared using Coastline's Option 1 General Education requirements. This option is designed for students pursuing a degree and who may not be planning to transfer to a four-year institution. Students who plan to transfer should schedule an appointment with a Coastline counselor for guidance in preparing an education plan.

Students who would like to find out where they stand in terms of preparation and planning for transfer to a CSU, UC, or one of our partner schools should fill out a Transfer Plan Request Form. Note that evaluations can take 3-4 weeks to prepare, so please plan ahead. Students may also schedule an appointment with one of our experienced counselors.

Please visit the Transfer page for more information.

College and military credit is applied to a student's permanent record after an official degree plan has been completed and during the conferral process for graduation.

If you have sent new official college or military transcripts that have not been posted to your Coastline transcript, please submit the Request for Degree Progress Update Form, for the new coursework to post to your record.

Please visit the Transcripts page for more information.

Top 5 highlights

  • Additional scholarships specifically for military students and veterans
  • Compliant with Section 702 of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 ("Choice Act")
  • Approved for Post 9/11 GI Bill®
  • Armed Forces Tuition Assistance (TA) Funding
  • Career Center, Tutoring Services and an Online Library to ensure student success.
The VA is the ultimate source for info about your education benefits. Sometimes if you call to ask a question, you can get different answers from different service representatives. We recommend you use the "Submit a Question" feature on the GI Bill® website so you will have documentation of your questions and their responses. Visit the GI Bill® Web for a Question and Answer session, click on the "My Questions & Answers" tab, and Login or Create a New Account. Please be sure to print out your question and response session. Bring the printout to the VRC if you need further help from our staff. It is your responsibility to understand the details of your VA education benefits; the School Certifying Official and Veterans Counselor will assist you with any questions you have. Please see the VA website (gibill.va.gov) or contact the VA at 888.442.4551 to learn more about your benefits.

Steps for Applying Online:

Step One:

Log on to the VA online application portal, VONAPP, http://vabenefits.vba.va.gov/vonapp/main.asp and follow instructions and prompts.

Helpful VONAPP details:
  • If it is your first time using VONAPP, you will be asked to create a user account.
  • After you log on you will need to select VA Form 22-1990 from the drop down menu.
  • If you have already selected a school, VA suggests that you work with the GI Bill® certifying official or Veterans program administrator at your school to process their forms simultaneously. This could save time and headaches later.
  • During the VONAPP process you will be asked to select your GI Bill® program. If you select the Post-9/11 (Chapter 33) and you are eligible for any previous versions (MGIB, MGIB-SR, REAP, etc.), you will be asked to identify the program you are forfeiting or switching from.
  • Remember - this decision is "irrevocable," so choose wisely.
  • The rest of the form is self-explanatory.
Step Two:

Wait for VA to process your application and notify you of its decision concerning your eligibility for education benefits. You should receive Certificate of Enrollment in approximately six to eight weeks depending on the VA's backlog.

Step Three:

Once you receive your COE, give it to your school's GI Bill® certifying official. At this point your school's GI Bill® certifying official will process the Enrollment Verification form VA Form22-1990. This step can be completed at the same time as your VONAPP if you have already chosen a school.

How do I get a copy of my DD214?

Request a copy through this website http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records and note that the Member 4 copy, which shows the character of your discharge, is preferred for most educational purposes. After obtaining your DD214, be sure to keep this document in a safe place. Also note that it is not advisable to register for your DD214 through a county courthouse since doing so makes the process a public record, which could then lead to identity theft.

Scholarships are available to all Coastline students and are granted to students who have demonstrated excellence, academic achievement and/or wish to pursue educational or career goals. Scholarship awards are granted each spring semester. For more information go to the Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

Please visit the Scholarships page for more information

Federal Financial Aid may be available through grants and loan programs. In general, to qualify for aid you must be enrolled in 6.0 units each semester and demonstrate financial eligibility through the regular application process. Receiving funding through the Tuition Assistance program does not disqualify any student from applying for financial aid. Students can reach Coastline's Financial Aid Department by calling 714.241.6239 Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm PST, and Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm PST.

Please visit the Financial Aid page for more information

Financial Assistance does NOT include the following: separate payments for books, supplies, or equipment (e.g., costs not directly incorporated into the billing for the block of study); computers; graduation fees; child care, student activity cards; application fees; transportation; parking; or medical services testing fees.

Please visit the Spouse Fees and Tuition page for more information

Yes. TA covers 100% of the tuition/enrollment fee costs associated with Coastline's Military Contract Education Program. NOTE: A copy of the student's TA Authorization Form must accompany their registration form.

Top 5 highlights

If you have not enrolled with Coastline before and need assistance determining how your prior coursework and military training will fit into a Coastline degree, you can receive an unofficial evaluation.

If you are near a base that a Coastline College representative visits, you can have your transcripts unofficially evaluated on the spot. Find your local representative.

Please visit the Unofficial Evaluations page for more information

Coastline offers five short-term, 8-week sessions per year. Students may register approximately 2 months prior to each new session. Upcoming dates are located on the Academic Calendar.

Education Offline courses do not require Internet connectivity during any part of the course. All assignments are paper-based. Students follow the assignment schedule in the syllabus throughout the 12-week, self-paced class. It is recommended that students start the enrollment process 3 weeks before they plan to start their course(s). NOTE TO ALL SAILORS: Please secure Command authorization for NCPACE-DL TA at least 3 to 6 weeks prior to class start date to ensure the timely delivery of course materials.

Credit is given for formal service school training as recommended by The American Council on Education through its Commission on Accreditation of Service School Experiences, and the Coastline College evaluation process. Students are required to submit official military transcripts and then contact counseling to schedule an appointment and to request the military transcripts to be evaluated when they set up their appointment.

Access to a computer and secure Internet connection is necessary for the 8-week Internet courses.

Education Offline courses do not require Internet connectivity during any part of the course. All assignments are paper-based. Students follow the assignment schedule in the syllabus throughout the 12-week, self-paced class.

Almost all quizzes and exams will be done online. Certain courses will require a proctor for midterm and/or final exam(s).

Military students pay the Military Contract Education Program rate associated with the program in which they are enrolling. Service members originally from or currently stationed in California may be eligible for a discounted tuition rate of $46 per credit/SH when enrolling in Coastline's Military Distance Learning Program. For more information go to In California? Know Your Options.

All courses and quizzes are completed online. The examinations for almost all courses are taken online.  Courses may also be supplemented with textbooks, written materials, electronic bulletin boards, online streaming video, and other instructional support systems.

Education Offline courses do not require Internet connectivity during any part of the course. All assignments are paper-based. Students follow the assignment schedule in the syllabus throughout the 12-week, self-paced class.

Yes. Coastline has an academic counselor assigned specifically to support students in military programs. The military counselor may be contacted toll-free at 866.4CCCMIL x16320 or email MilitaryCcounselor@Coastline.edu.