English & Math Placement

In accordance with California Assembly Bill No. 705 (2017-18), placement testing for English and Math courses are no longer required. Degree-seeking students are encouraged to take English and Math in their first year. Coastline no longer administers placement tests.

English requirement for AA/AS degree

Students graduating from Coastline College with an A.A./A.S. Degree are required to demonstrate competency in English. Competency in English is demonstrated through completion of ENGL C100 or ENGL C135 or an equivalent course or higher.

The prerequisite for ENGL C100-Freshman Composition and ENGL C135-Business Writing is no longer required; therefore, students may now register for either course without submitting prior proof of prerequisite or placement.

Math requirement for AA/AS degree

Competency in Math is demonstrated through any of the following:

Note: MATH C045-Combination Elementary & Intermediate Algebra is a 6-unit course. Students are advised to take only MATH C045 and no other courses in the same session because of the intensive coursework

Math prerequisite

A prerequisite is a requirement which must be met before enrollment in a course. All Math courses have prerequisites.

Before enrolling in a Math course

It is recommended that students submit prerequisite documents prior to the end of their first semester of attendance and no later than four weeks prior to enrolling in a Math course. Documents submitted to Coastline College are subject to interpretation.

English and Math placement guides

Students may receive placement into English and Math courses via the following alternative methods:

High School Transcripts

Multiple Measure Assessment Project (MMAP)

If a student attended a United States accredited high school within the last 10 years, their placement into math and English courses may be determined according to courses they completed while in high school-the grades received in those courses, and your cumulative (unweighted) GPA. Some students may be placed directly in transfer-level math and English courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores

College Transcripts

Previous Test Results (CLEP, DEET, ASSET, College)

Students who have taken a placement test at another regionally accredited institution, within the last two years, should submit documentation of test results to our office. The documentation must include the course for which the student is eligible to register and will be subject to review by Coastline.

Non-traditional college credits, for math placement only, can be submitted from the following test programs:

Guided Self-Placement

This option does not satisfy the requirements for graduation. Students who self-place into a math course are required to successfully complete MATH C030 or higher to meet the Coastline math competency requirement for an A.A./A.S. Degree. Students may bypass developmental-level prerequisites, without taking a placement examination, and place themselves into Math.

Students enrolling under this open placement model are encouraged to meet with a counselor or advisor in order to maximize their likelihood of succeeding in college-level (non-developmental) classes in the shortest time possible.

If a student has been previously been placed into a lower-level math or English course using a placement instrument (high school transcripts or another option outlined on our website), meeting with a counselor could result in the student self-placing into a high level course.

Challenge a Prerequisite

Students may petition to challenge a prerequisite. Students should contact our office for more information.

College Readiness Program

The College Readiness Program at Coastline offers free online workshops for students who want to refresh or build their math, from basic mathematics to trigonometry, and English skills, includes reading and writing.

Coastline's online workshops help students assess their current skills to ensure they are college ready! Based on the student's skill level, a personalized study path can be created for them to review and use to build their skills

As students move through the workshops at their own pace and around their schedule, their skills and confidence will increase. Access to the workshops is always open, so students can start anytime!

For more information on how to register for an online workshop, please visit our College Readiness Program or email CollegeReady@Coastline.edu.

Additional Math Resources:

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