Education Offline...At Your Pace

COVID-19 closures have delayed the mailing of proctor packets and receipt of completed coursework. There will be a delay in Coastline staff processing and grading incoming coursework. Please contact us if you have any questions.


After careful consideration, Coastline has decided to discontinue our Education Offline (EdOffline) program effective Spring 2022. We are proud to have provided an offline option for military students for over 40 years; unfortunately, instructional limitations and declining enrollment have prompted us to retire this program.  If you are currently taking an EdOffline course, our team will be available to assist and support you, the last opportunity to enroll in an EdOffline course was December 31, 2021.


Students with reliable internet access should consider enrolling in our online classes. As a pioneer of educational technology, Coastline offers online classes that are engaging, enlightening, and relevant. We are currently in the registration window for our Fall 2022 semester. Please visit the Academic Calendar to see the course dates.


We are exploring a different non-internet-dependent modality and will release that information as soon as it is available.


Please contact if you have questions about this information.