DegreeWorks is Coastline's Online Academic Advisement Tool


DegreeWorks builds a degree audit using the program of study you select on your Coastline application or the program that is added to your record when your Official Education Plan Request or Update is processed. Students who have had an Official Education Plan completed or updated prior to July, 2013 are encouraged to submit an update request so external college and military transfer units will be posted to your student record. With the DegreeWorks "What-If" feature, you can see how your coursework fits into other available majors. If you decide to pursue another major, please submit the Degree Progress Update/Major Change Form and select "I would like a different major". Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for you major to be updated in DegreeWorks.


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Additional Information

DegreeWorks is a dynamic system so it updates your degree audit automatically when you register for a new course, so you will always know what requirements you have fulfilled and the requirement that are still needed.

If you are registered in at least one Coastline course and have not yet received an Official Education Plan, please visit our Degree Planning page for directions on how to request one. To have additional transfer coursework applied to your record, please submit the Degree Progress Update/Major Change Form.