Apply for Graduation

Degree conferral, or graduation, occurs when a student completes their degree program. However, degree conferral is not an automatic process at Coastline. Students must apply for graduation.

When students are enrolled in their last session, they should apply for graduation. The submitted online application triggers a review to confirm the requirements of the program have been met. A confirmation email informs students when the review is complete and if they are eligible for graduation. Attending Coastline's commencement is optional. Applying for graduation is separate from confirming participation in the commencement ceremony.

While students can graduate when they have a financial hold on their account, they will not be able to obtain a copy of their diploma until all financial holds have been removed.

Application Filing Periods

Apply Here

If the application link provided above is not working, please review the filing period dates. Please note that Graduation Application cannot be accepted after the filing period closes. If you need additional information or assistance, call 866.422.2645, or send our graduation team an email,

The Academic Calendar also lists the graduation application filing dates.